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Marijuana type stuff

I've Actually Never Touched The Stuff, I Just Kifed This Stuff From Other Web Sites

Weed Tips + Tricks

marijuana: mare-ih-wan-ahh; pot; chronic; chronic; guthnic; weed; hemp; mary jane; reefer; boo; grass; green; wacky tobacky, etc....

this section of the site is dedicated to the best plant on earth. i will be posting tips and tricks that i have learned. you may not agree with all of it, this is just my opinions. this is why u can send me mail on some good tricks or tips for that i might not know about.....mail me here...i will post your tip and your name or email address. this section is still in construction. so go easy theres only gonna be a few for right now.


1) when u are lit, dont see a movie or play or some shit where u have to sit there for more then a half hr. this is an extreme buzzkill.

2) if u do decide to go online when u are lit i suggest u go to it will fuck u up.(atleast it does for me)

3) if u can get a hold of those small glowsticks (u know the ones that girls use at like clubs they have them in there mouths or something) get in pitch black, crack em open so they glow and throw them at each other. it is serious fun when u are blasted.

4) after u smoke, drink a beer or 2, your mind is already on the brink, the beer just puches it over, it makes u feel awesome.

5) Dont wait till 4:20 to spark the bowl, make sure youre stoned by then (sent in by

6) Always drink after smoking otherwise you will find yourself spinning in a bad way (the munchies dont taste as good the second time)(sent in by


bongs- when smoking from a water bong, put ice cubes in it, the hits go down alot smoother.

joints- i dont prefer joints, use blunts if u have the time.

blunts/joints- if u have the means, lace the weed in a joint or blunt with vikatin, it makes u numb to the world...this is best if u want to do something that might hurt w/o being high

trick- not really weed related, but drink a half bottle of robitussin and it makes u feel like 100$

bongs- When using a water bong put beer in it.....after done smoking drink the beer. sent in by thanks bmx1, we'll have to try that

weed- smoke a small tampa sweet cigar or cig after a blunt, it gets rid of kotton mouth for the most part.

school- i have heard mixed experiences, mhalf the people hate goin to school lit, others love it. i dunno i think its pretty cool bc u dont really dont care whats goin on, like the usual highschool pressures dont matter no more. i'd give it an 8 1/2 out of 10 on the fresh-o-meter.

blunts- use honey to keep the blunt together when u roll it, it also tastes good (sent in by

shotty- if u have a girl/boy-friend who smokes, share youre smoke. Youll both be higher than every 1 else & its fun.(sent in by

secretive- If you cant smoke in youre room run a tube out the window and ex-hale into it, also hold a plastic baggie over the cherry on youre Jay or bowl. (sent in by -phat idea!

secretive2- If you want to smoke sum bud in your room...take a cardboard role (they are on the insides of the toilet paper roles) then stick a piece of fabric softner in it. When u hit your bowl, exhale in to the tube. When the smoke comes out the other end it will smell like fabric softner. (sent in by

fuckin over people- if u buy lizard foods, u can sell them to freshman and they will think its pot, i leanred that from a gresey mexican (sent in by

FYI- Cigarette addiction is harder to break than either heroin or alcohol, pot is better 4 u (sent in by

send some in!!!

haha, Thanks !

Caution: Don't Smoke Schwag !


I Hope This Information Was Helpful, And I Encourage You To Go Out And Try These Tips & Tricks